Simpler Living, Compassionate Life: A Christian Perspective


Over 40,000 copies of this award-winning book now in print!

simplerlivingIn a rare collection of voices, the authors of Simpler Living, Compassionate Life explore voluntary simplicity as a path to wholeness and abundance, and greater equity and meaning.  Henri Nouwen, Richard Foster, Terry Tempest Williams, Cecile Andrews and eighteen other writers encourage you to listen to your own story, and to respond in a dialog about the fundamental issues of life: time, money, food, sustainability, spirituality, and community.

A diversity of voices and a helpful four- to twelve-week study guide make this an effective tool for individuals and groups ready to consider alternatives to the high-price, high-stress “Good Life”: the riches of simplicity and compassion.  Edited and study guide written by Michael Schut.

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