Food & Faith: Justice, Joy, and Daily Bread

foodfaithThis book examines food choices through the lens of faith.  In bite-sized pieces, you’ll learn to recognize and celebrate food as sacramental, consider the implications of your choices, and find help in embodying love and compassion in the wider world.  An extensive resource guide provides ideas on how to support local, sustainable agriculture. In addition, it includes an eight-session community building study guide.

In a rare collection of voices, the authors of Food and Faith prompt us to explore the meaning of our meals. Here Wendell Berry, John Robbins, Vandana Shiva, Eric Schlosser, M.F.K. Fisher, Thomas Moore and many others explore basic issues related to food: its sacramental character, its connections to health, the demise of the family farm, the human and ecological impacts of industrial agribusiness, questions of genetically modified organisms and world hunger. A diversity of voices and a helpful study guide point to promising directions both individuals and communities can take to bring about a healthier and more equitable world through the food we eat.

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