Caring for All Creation

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caringforallEarth Ministry’s two-part Caring for All Creation program encourages both individuals and communities of faith to live in loving community with all of God’s creation, in specific aspects of our lives.

The two modules provide resources and worship aids to address a particular environmental issue as part of a worship service and community action event:

  • At the Table – sustainable agriculture and organic/locally grown food
  • By the Waters – water conservation and river restoration.

Changing behavior in these places offers a particularly significant opportunity to protect and restore the gift of God’s beloved creation.

These modules give congregations an understanding of the Christian faith that underlies our call to care for the earth, and a pathway to experiencing that connection in the context of a familiar worship service. Congregations celebrate an “Action Sunday” around each issue area of transportation, food production, home/grounds maintenance, and water – exploring relevant themes through adult and youth education opportunities, hymn and music choices, prayers and liturgy, and the sermon/reflection.

The Action Sunday culminates in a congregation-wide activity that brings home the lessons learned in a personal way. Individuals are invited to join other parishioners in taking action to better honor God’s creation, and sign a personal action pledge to keep their commitment strong after the event is over.

At the Table

After driving, eating is the second most creation-impactful, human activity.*

Our congregation’s celebration of the gift of “daily bread” can lead to more creation-honoring food choices.

attableIn our Lord’s prayer, Jesus teaches us simply to ask the Creator for “our daily bread.” Acquiring our daily bread, however, has become a complicated, multi-national process that has both economic and ecological implications. The manner in which we plant, fertilize and water our crops, feed and raise animals for eating, and ship food products around the globe has a profound impact on creation.

Culminating Activity: A church-wide potluck featuring organic, locally-grown food. By sharing a healthy meal together, we celebrate both our community of faith and the fact that food is a gift from God.

* From The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices, by Michael Brower and Warren Leon.

By The Waters

waterHuman activity significantly affects the amount of water and the quality of water available to other humans and non-human species as well. The Bible tells us that in the beginning God brought forth the earth itself from the waters. Accordingly, in the Bible, water represents the essence of life, without which there could be no life. We are called to appreciate water as a life-giving gift from God, to be used for God’s creative and life-giving purposes. By the Waters co-produced by Earth Ministry and American Rivers.

Culminating Activity: A blessing of the waters congregants bring from a stream or other body of water near their homes, followed by a river cleanup. The worship service can also include a baptism if appropriate. As the waters are joined into one, together we work as one to protect and restore our local river.

*Call the Earth Ministry office at (206) 632-2426 to order*