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For over 20 years, Earth Ministry has been the statewide leader in engaging the religious community in environmental stewardship and advocacy. Our Greening Congregations Program was the first in the country to help houses of worship implement sustainable practices, and our faithful advocacy program is on the cutting edge of empowering clergy and lay leaders to speak out on public policy issues. Through education, outreach, organizing, and training, Earth Ministry builds a powerful moral constituency of people of faith taking action for the health of our communities and the environment.



Grays Harbor: "First oil hearing garners large opposition"

People power dominated the first public hearing on the proposed oil holding facilities in Grays Harbor County. Earth Ministry staff and members attended this hearing to represent moral concerns about the poor stewardship of these dangerous projects. Outreach Coordinator, Jessica Zimmerle, is quoted below. By Kyle MittanThe…
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Comment on Dirty & Dangerous Oil in Grays Harbor

Draft Environmental Impact Statements (DEIS‘s) have been released for two proposed oil holding facilities in Grays Harbor County. The report shows that there is no way to mitigate the negative impacts of an oil spill or explosion, confirming that these projects are not good stewardship of our…
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Pope Francis Visits the USA

In his first ever visit to the United States of America, Pope Francis repeatedly emphasized the need to care for our common home. The Holy Father was welcomed at the White House, to the United Nations, and made history by speaking to the US Congress. In…
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Pope Francis, science and government are reframing climate change

Earth Ministry collaborated with Physicians for Social Responsibility to publish this OpEd by Father Stephen Sundborg, President of Seattle University, and Dr. Howard Frumpkin, Dean of the UW School of Public Health, which combines the message of Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change and the…
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KOUW: “Pope's Alarm Bell On Climate Change Heard In Puget Sound”

Local NPR interview with Earth Ministry’s Jessie Dye speaking about the faith community’s role in protecting the “Thin Green Line” of the Northwest from fossil fuel projects, and the Pope’s encyclical and climate change. It also featured audio of Fr. Jack Walmseley giving a tour…
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