Lenten Devotions

The Lenten season is a time for somber reflection on Jesus’ wandering in the wilderness and the ways in which we ourselves wander. Lent is an opportunity for us to re-examine our thoughts and actions and the ways in which they bring us nearer to or separate us from unity with God and the rest of creation.

For those interested in centering themselves in disciplines of care for the Earth and increased attention to climate change, we recommend the following resources. We hope that they aid clergy and lay leaders alike to observe Lent in positive and creation-honoring ways.

Earth Ministry/Washington Interfaith Power & Light Carbon-Free Lent Resources:

2018 Carbon Fast for Lent Calendar from St. James Cathedral Care for Creation Committee

Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center Stations of the Cross with All of Creation

Prayer and Action Guide: Fast from Carbon

Seattle-Specific Prayer and Action Guide: Fast from Carbon

Earth Ministry’s Blog: Lenten-themed blog entries

Presbyterians for Earth Care: Living in Lent, Caring for Creation

Kent Shifferd: Creation Care Lent Guide

Blog: Green Lent

Catholic Ireland: Lent Together

Christian Prayers & Resources: Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter prayers and liturgy

Passionist Earth and Spirit Center: Lent 4.5

“A Greenhouse Gas Fast for Lent and Passover” – Dona Henes, The Huffington Post