Congregation-fullHonoring the gift of God’s creation during our worship services is an organic way to introduce others to the call to care. Worship can integrate us more intimately with God and when we bring images of nature into that relationship, it reminds us that we are not as far removed from nature as we once thought.

There are many aspects of worship where creation-awareness/care can be integrated:


  • Sermons/homilies can help members sense the breadth of God’s compassion, one that encompasses all of creation.
  • Songs/hymns can open members to familiar feelings as well as new ways of seeing.
  • Prayers and scriptural readings can call members to deeper communion with God, each other, and the rest of creation.
  • Devotionals can help connect with God’s creation on a daily basis or during special seasons.
  • Bulletins, newsletter, and announcements can serve as vehicles for the congregation’s voice.
  • Occasions for outdoor worship help members realize that the holy can be experienced outside of buildings too.
  • Banners and decorations in your congregation can be “icons” and symbols that serve as “windows” through which to glimpse God’s incarnate presences in the world.
  • Sacraments lie at the heart of many congregations’ sense of meaning.
  • Special seasons and holidays offer the opportunity to incorporate creation-honoring worship into the liturgical year.