Winter 2016-2017 Earth Letter

Earth Letter Winter 2016-2017 coverThis is a troubling time for God’s creation and our human community, and so we devote this issue of Earth Letter to helping you find meaning during this holiday season and beyond. At a time when we know we must stand up to fight for creation, peace, and human dignity, self-care is at a premium. Our deepest need is to find intimacy and connection with ourselves, each other, the natural world, and God. We offer these articles as signs pointing the way for all of us to honor these vital connections. May you find peace as well as power in your faith.

Articles include:

  • Winter Solstice at Moab Slough by Terry Tempest Williams
  • An Ache for Meaning by John de Graaf, David Wann, and Thomas H. Naylor
  • Making the Holidays Mindful and Merry by Denice Keepin, MA.LMHC
  • Holiday Spirit Getting You Down? Try Holiday Spirituality Instead by Dr. Roger S. Gottlieb

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