Spring 2016 Earth Letter

Spring 2016 Earth Letter CoverIn this issue of Earth Letter, we celebrate the interfaith nature of Earth Day. Rev. Meighan Pritchard’s cover story introduces us to how different world religions embody the “Green Rule,” which instructs us to live in right relation with creation. In addition, two insightful articles provide Jewish and Muslim perspectives on Earth Day and environmental stewardship. 

Articles include:

  • The Green Rule by Rev. Meighan Pritchard
  • A Letter to My Students by Laura Baumgartner
  • Every Day Is Earth Day by LeeAnne Beres
  • L’avdah u’l’shamrah – To Till and to Tend by Rabbi Seth Goldstein
  • In Islam, Every Day is Earth Day by Fatima Ashraf
  • A Brief History of Earth Day – by Denis Hayes
  • Whidbey Island Earth and Ocean Month – by Jessica Zimmerle

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