Spring 2014 Earth Letter

EL Spring Big (154x200)According to the most recent 2010 Census data, 81% of Americans live in urban areas. The vast majority of us live, work, play, and worship in cities. So why do we often overlook cities as part of “the environment” that we care about and want to protect? Starting in our own backyards builds community, improves quality of life, and provides just and equal access to green spaces and sustainable neighborhoods. In this issue of Earth Letter, we focus on the built environment.

Articles include:

  • The Sum Greater Than Our Parts by Erin Barnes
  • The Illusion of Separation by Karin Frank
  • Greening the City: Not an Urban Legend After All by Jessica Zimmerle
  • Cities, Climate Change, and Christianity by Dr. Sallie McFague
  • Unpaving Paradise: This City Is Using Wildflowers to Fight Urban Blight by Ameera Butt

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