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Suggested books for children and youth.

A Prayer for the Earth: The Story of Naamah, Noah’s Wife
Author: Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg, and Bethanne Anderson. Most children know the story of how Noah helped the animals of the world survive the Great Flood. Now children can hear a story, based on an ancient Jewish text, about Noah’s wife, Naamah, and how she helped keep alive all the plants on Earth.
All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir
Author: Staines, Bill, and Margot Zemach. The lively, contemporary folk tune “All God’s Critters …” comes to life in this visually playful book. Parents and teachers can help children to learn the song with the help of printed music in the back of the book. Then look out: everyone will want to “clap their hands, or paws, or anything they got.” A true celebration for all members of God’s choir of creation.
Beyond Ecophobia: Reclaiming the Heart in Nature Education
Author: Sobel, David. Beyond Ecophobia speaks to teachers, parents, and others interested in nurturing in children the ability to understand and care for nature. This expanded version of one of Orion Magazine's most popular articles includes descriptions of developmentally appropriate environmental education activities and a list of related children's books.
Caring for God’s Creation: A Five Section Curriculum for Children with 101 Nature Activities
Author: Essenmacher, Carole and Nancy Regensburger. The authors write, “our purpose is not primarily to do environmental or science education, but rather to ground creation issues in belief in God as Creator.”
Earth Child: Games, Stories, Activities, Experiments and Ideas About Living Lightly on Planet Earth
Author: Sheehan, Kathryn, and Mary Waidner. The book focuses on celebrating events in nature (i.e. solstices, change of season) that easily coincide with some events in faith communities. Its plays, recipes, craft projects, wealth of resources, and much more engage children in appreciating their relationships with the rest of creation.
God’s Good World: A Peacemaking Resource for Children
Author: White, Vera K. This [five-session curriculum] was designed to serve as a vacation Bible school or church school curriculum for third through sixth graders, but can be used in a variety of other ways. …Through activities, stories, and prayer, children and their leaders will learn more about God by experiencing God’s world and will find out ways that they can help to care for the world.
God’s Quiet Things
Author: Sweetland, Nancy, and Rick Stevens. A gentle book that encourages children to discover the marvels of God’s creation through looking, listening, and touching. Toddlers will enjoy its melodic words and colorful artwork, and young readers its simple poetry.
Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth
Author: Wood, Douglas, and P.J. Lynch. “’Did you know, boy,’ Grandad whispered, ‘that trees pray?’” This heart-touching story is told by a boy whose grandfather helps him to understand that every part of creation (including himself) has a prayer to offer their Creator. This beautifully illustrated book can also help children deal with the difficulties of grieving the death of a loved one.
In the Beginning There was Joy: A Creation Story for All Ages
Author: Matthew Fox.
Listening to Nature
Author: Cornell, Joseph. This classic environmental education resource engages children in nature awareness. Each book is filled with ideas, reflections, and creative games that serve to involve all of the senses with the natural world.
Loving Our Neighbor, The Earth: Creation-Spirituality Activities for 9-11 Year-Olds
Author: Jenkins, Christie L. This curriculum consists of twenty lessons for children and teaches them to enjoy creation and the Creator, and care for creation. Topics include water conservation, cultivating the Earth, “God and Garbage,” learning the stars, and more. Contains photocopiable handouts.
Morning Has Broken
Author: Farjeon, Eleanor, and Tim Ladwig. Many children and adults are familiar with Eleanor Farjeon’s moving hymn inspired by her deep awe for God’s creation and Psalm 118:24. The stunning illustrations in this book bring Eleanor’s words to life through a little boy and his grandfather living in a modern, urban setting.
Old Turtle
Author: Wood, Douglas, and Chen-Khee Chee. This richly illustrated fable draws children and adults into a world in which all parts of creation communicate with one another and God. It specifically calls readers and listeners into a deeper understanding of what it might mean for humans to be “a message of love from God to the earth, and a prayer from the earth back to God” (from the book).
Protecting God’s Creation: A Resource Manual
Produced by the National Catholic Youth Initiative. An excellent resource for youth that creatively combines Catholic social teachings with actual opportunities to care for creation. After an introductory session on the sacredness of God’s creation, youth and their leaders may choose from a variety of topics (wastes, pesticides, rainforests, etc.) to further explore care for creation.
Resources for Outdoor Retreats; Journey into Nature, Journey into the Heart
Author: Bob Grgic. Filled with well-chosen resources to help you design your own outdoor retreats and prayer experiences. You will find clearly outlined directions, imaginative suggestions and handouts for retreatants' participation.
Sharing Nature with Children
Author: Cornell, Joseph. This creative guidebook helps parents and teachers to engage with the intricacies and mystery of nature as a child might. Such an engagement equips adults to invite children to explore and cherish the world in ways that call upon children’s natural curiosity and empathy. This book contains forty-two games and interactive experiences.
Sharing the Joy of Nature: Nature Activities for All Ages
Author: Cornell, Joseph. This classic environmental education resource engages children in nature awareness. Each book is filled with ideas, reflections, and creative games that serve to involve all of the senses with the natural world.
The Hymn of the Sun
Author: St. Francis of Assisi. The first illustrated version of St. Francis of Assisi's beloved poem.
The Lorax
Author: Geisel, Theodore (Dr. Seuss). A classic Earth-care book that deals with consumerism and endangered “species,” and offers an invitation to stewardship. Dr. Seuss’ genius and compassion shine through.
The Sense of Wonder
Author: Carson, Rachel. Carson has been called “the patron saint of the environmental movement.” In this book, with wonder-inspiring photography, Carson describes how adults can open the world of nature to children, and how children can help adults grow and revel in their own wonderment.
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