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Suggested videos for adults

A Sea Change: Imagine a World Without Fish
A disturbing and essential companion piece to An Inconvenient Truth, A Sea Change brings home the indisputable fact that our lifestyle is changing the earth, despite our wishful thinking.
A Sustainability Journey
by Rev. Alan Storey. A Methodist pastor in South Africa, Rev. Storey's ministry had always focused on justice issues, particularly apartheid. After a chance meeting with Earth Ministry at Holden village, Rev. Storey began to fold the environment into his understanding of justice and theology. In this video, Alan explains the framework of his faith and then shares with us his new way of reading the scriptures in light of environmental degradation.
Affluenza: The Cost of High Living
An excellent video - lively, engaging, and humorous, it highlights environmental, social, community, and spiritual costs of consumption.
After the Warming; Episode One
James Burke explores various warming scenarios for the year 2050 using the "virtual reality computer model." He shows how life on earth has always been altered by changing weather patterns.
Amish, The; A People of Preservation
Authentic vignettes of Amish origins, farm life, childhood, school, worship, recreation, courtship, barn raising, horse transportation, and the impact of tourism.
Animal Rights; Lecture and Discussion by Andrew Linsey
Dr. Andrew Linsey, British animal rights activist, discusses attitudes toward animals from a Christian perspective. Lecture at St. Mark's Ecology-Spirituality group.
Babette’s Feast
Producer: Orion Pictures Corporation. This touching film tells the story of Babette, a talented chef who spends her days cooking in anonymity for the two elderly women she looks after. When a change of her fortune comes Babette decides to cook a feast for the simple villagers, sharing the gifts of her talent.
Beyond Organic: The Vision of Fairview Gardens
Producer: DeGraaf, John. This inspiring video tells the story of Fairview Gardens and its struggle to survive in the face of rapid suburban development. It draws a sharp contrast between community supported agriculture and conventional chemical farming.
Biblical Foundations of Christian Environmental Concern
Presentations by Dr. Calvin DeWitt: "Biblical Foundations of Christian Environmental Concern" as part of the Frontiers of Environmental Theology Lecture Series.
Break Forth Into Joy! Beyond a Consumer Lifestyle
This video helps us take a critical look at our lifestyle choices and the shape our lives have taken. It helps us realize how our obsession with buying and owning effects the earth, other people, and the human spirit. By sharing feelings, thoughts and practical ideas from a variety of people who struggle with life in a consumer society, this video calls us toward a lifestyle that is more fulfilling and joyful.
Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture, and the New American Farmer
Broken Limbs received two 2005 Northwest Emmy nominations for its exploration of these hopeful stirrings within agriculture. The movie helps viewers discover ways in which any individual can play a role not just in saving America's farmers, but in restoring hope for humanity.
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
St. Francis of Assisi seeks communion with the natural world by renouncing his family riches to seek his own destiny unencumbered by material possessions.
Caring for Children, Caring for Creation
A Conversation about Childrens Health and the Environment.
Caring for Creation
You can help protect God's creation today, A Noah's Ark for our time.
Celebration of St. Francis, 1995: "An Evening of Nature, Spirituality & the Creative Voice"
The video features Betsey Beckman in an interpretive dance based on "The Creation," by James Weldon Johnson; Brenda Peterson, Northwest nature writer with a particular interest in animals and spirituality; Bill Dietrich, Seattle Times science reporter, author of The Final Forest and Northwest Passage, the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Exxon Valdez oil spill; Mara Grey & Peter Berry in a Celtic harp performance.
Celebration of St. Francis, 1996: "An Evening of Nature, Spirituality & the Creative Voice"
This video features Richard Nelson, award-winning author, naturalist, and anthropologist; Pattiann Rogers, poet and winner of a Pushcard Prize and the Hokin Prize for Poetry; Betsey Beckman, one of the finest liturgical dancers in the country; Dana Lyons, a dynamic singer, story teller and humorist.
Cherishing God's Creation
The video calls us to a new lifestyle that is based on stewardship and compassion, rather than one based on mastery and exploitation.
Choices for the Future, 1992; Living the Sacred Circle: Healing Time
The video features the Reverend Carla Berkedal, speaking on the environmental crisis and spirituality; Chung Liang, Al Huong, Peter Kater, piano; Mark Miller, saxophone; Dennis Weaver, actor and environmental activist.
Christian Frugality Rediscovered, with Dr. James Nash
Dr. Nash, one of the church's foremost environmental ethicists states that it is only in the last fifty years that we have separated our faith from the virtue of frugality. Earth Ministry's 1995 Fall Gathering, October 26, 1995.
Christian Nature Spirituality: What It is and Why We Need it.
Dr. Sallie McFague, Carpenter Professor of Theology at Vanderbilt University Divinity School, teaches and writes in the areas of feminist and ecological theology. Dr. McFague is a nationally-recognized leader in making connections between Christian faith/theology and care for all creation.
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