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Suggested books for adults, children, and youth.

6 Arguments for a Greener Diet
Author: Jacobson, Michael F. Examines scientific studies and reaches a conclusion that eating more plant foods and fewer fatty animal foods will add years onto your life. This diet concurrently leads to better air quality, water quality, less food poisoning, reduces global warming, and less animal suffering in the slaughterhouse as a result of eating less meat.
50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth
Author: The Earth Works Group. Most of the 50 Things covered here are unbelievably easy. They are the kind of things you would do anyway to save money -- if you knew how much you could save. Now you do; the Earthworks Group has done your legwork for you. At the very least, this book shows you how to use energy more intelligently. Don't shiver in the dark; just make sure you're getting as much comfort and convenience as possible from every dollar you spend on electricity, natural gas, and gasoline.
50 Ways You Can Help Save the Planet
Authors: Aeschliman, Gordon and Tony Campolo. A gift to us from God, our planet is rich in beauty and resources. But today it is also in danger from neglect and exploitation, and its only hope for recovery lies with us. This Christian perspective on environmental issues presents small- to large-scale suggestions for action and lists sources of more information, including addresses.
A Greener Faith: Religious Environmentalism and Our Planet's Future
Author: Gottlieb, Roger S. Gottlieb's approach to A Greener Faith is ecumenical, encompassing Jewish and Christian theologians who have found a powerful biblical call to stewardship of God's creation, and Buddhist teachers who are prompted by their belief in compassion to extend care to the natural world.
A Heron's Balance
Author: Cathy Barker A Heron's Balance tracks one person's search for wholeness. Still grieving the sudden death of his beloved wife, Jack Freeman finds himself at loose ends. He sets off for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness where, with the help of his progressive pastor and mentor, he seeks healing and balance... Through the power of God's creation and connection with God's creatures (human and otherwise), Jack is transformed.
A Let's Go Travel Guide: Middle East (2003)
Author: Evanovich, Janet. The resource for the independent traveler, Let's Go Travel Guides have brought budget savvy travelers closer to the world and its diverse cultures by providing the most up-to-date information on price levels for lodging, food, attractions, must-have tips for planning your trip, getting around, and staying safe. The book covers Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel.
A Moral Climate: The Ethics of Global Warming
Author: Northcott, Michael S. Discusses Hurricane Katrina, as well as the ethics and morals of humans relationships to climate change. Northcott talks of better stewardship of the earth to try and address the currently worsening global warming.
A New Climate for Theology: God, the World, and Global Warming
Author: McFague, Sallie. McFague argues that government, business, and individuals have been largely in denial of the possibility that global warming may put our species on the road to extinction.
A Place in Creation: Ecological Visions in Science, Religion, and Economics
Author: Hallman, David G. Is there hope for the future of the Earth? David Hallman answers with a resounding yes. Hallman explores exciting new concepts in the field of science, religious, and economics -- concepts that have the power to transform our understanding of our relationship to the rest of Creation. He reveals how intrinsically connected humans are to the whole ecosystem; how God wills a harmonious relationship between ourselves and the rest of Creation; and how our economy could be restructured to function in a less destructive relationship with the environment. Finally, he assesses political realities that could constrain or facilitate movement towards a more sustainable type of society.
A Prayer for the Earth: The Story of Naamah, Noah’s Wife
Author: Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg, and Bethanne Anderson. Most children know the story of how Noah helped the animals of the world survive the Great Flood. Now children can hear a story, based on an ancient Jewish text, about Noah’s wife, Naamah, and how she helped keep alive all the plants on Earth.
A Sand County Almanac
Author: Leopold, Aldo. Truly a classic, this book first introduced the concept of the “land ethic” and proposed the then unusual marriage of ethics and the land. You will find here some of the modern roots of the environmental movement and a rebirth of Christian spirituality of the Earth.
Abundant Life: Rethinking Theology and Ecology from a Planet in Peril
Author: McFague, Sallie. McFague’s most recent offering is personal, prophetic, and will inspire readers to lead lives of action with deep theological moorings. She especially helps readers to navigate the complexities of global economics and other comprehensive concerns of our day, and emerge with resources for promoting abundant living for all creation.
Advent and Ecology: Resources for Worship, Reflection and Action
Author: Palmer, Martin and Anne Nash, Editors.
After Earth Day: Continuing the Conservation Effort
Editor: Oelschlaeger, Max. This collection of 16 often-stimulating essays on the polities, science and philosophy of conservation grew out of a 1991 conference held at the University of North Texas. Oelsehlaeger (The Idea of Wilderness) ends the book by suggesting that, in our current culture, religion is fundamental to solving ecological crises.
After Nature’s Revolt: Eco-Justice and Theology
Author: Dieter Hessel. A rich collection of essays that provides theological and ethical reflections helpful in confronting current ecological crises. Contributors study and respectfully interpret Christian worldviews to form a foundation for social and ecological justice. An excellent resource for reflection and discussion.
After Nature’s Revolt: Eco-Justice and Theology
Author: Hessel, Dieter T. (ed). A rich collection of essays that provides theological and ethical reflections helpful in confronting current ecological crises. Contributors study and respectfully interpret Christian worldviews to form a foundation for social and ecological justice. An excellent resource for reflection and discussion.
All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir
Author: Staines, Bill, and Margot Zemach. The lively, contemporary folk tune “All God’s Critters …” comes to life in this visually playful book. Parents and teachers can help children to learn the song with the help of printed music in the back of the book. Then look out: everyone will want to “clap their hands, or paws, or anything they got.” A true celebration for all members of God’s choir of creation.
All Nature Sings: Piano hymn settings that celebrate the Creator and the beauty of His creation
Author: Larry Schackley. Spring is an important time in the church calendar, but there's more to it than Easter. It's the time of year when we take special notice of God's creativity and the beauty of what He has made. Larry Shackley offers "All Nature Sings" as a complement to the many Lent and Easter volumes already available, with arrangements of hymns especially suitable for springtime.
Americans and Climate Change: Closing the Gap Between Science and Action
Author: Daniel R. Abbasi This book is a synthesis of insights and recommendations from the 2005 Yale F&ES Conference on Climate Change.
An Unnatural Order: Uncovering the Roots of Our Domination of Nature
Author: Mason, Jim. Mason here writes an eloquent, important plea for a total rethinking of our relationship to the animal world. He analyzes the West's "dominionist" worldview which exalts humans as overlords and owners of other life, an outlook that he believes is rooted in millennia of animal husbandry.
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