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Creation-honoring prayers provide a foundation to a life of action.

Celebrating the Earth: An Earth-Centered Theology of Worship With Blessings, Prayers, and Rituals
Author: McCarthy, Scott.
Earth Gospel: A Guide to Prayer for God's Creation
Author: Sam Hamilton-Poore. Experts warn that the earth is in a state of environmental crisis. Faced with dilemmas such as global warming, soil erosion, air and water pollution, and rapid extinction of species, how might Christians respond? Aware that much action is required, Sam Hamilton-Poore maintains that a Christian response includes the "work" of prayer, "for prayer is itself a way of taking action."
Earth Prayers from Around the World: 365 Prayers, Poems, and Invocations for Honoring the Earth
Editors: Roberts, Elizabeth, and Elias Amadon. This is a treasure chest of prayers and poems about Earth from different religious traditions. A reverent book.
Earthsongs: Praying with Nature
Author: Simsic, Wayne. We need prayers - prayers that will heal the open wounds caused by our misuse of the natural world and help us to rebuild a healthy relationship with the earth. Nature prayers can best be expressed with a childlike heart - a heart that is drawn to mystery and willing to respond with reverence. The need for nature prayers inspired this book, but that is not its only focus. The book also addresses the longing each of us has to encounter nature from the depths of our life.
Forty Nights: Creation Centered Night Prayer
Author: Daniel J. McGill. "Forty Nights" is a volume of services for individual or communal use modeled after the Liturgy of the Hours and deeply sensitive to the connection between the earth environment and human prayer. Each of the night prayer services is thematically developed. They bring together psalms, Christian prayers and hymns, and writings of mystics and naturalists, with liberal borrowings from many religious traditions.
Natural Prayer: Encountering God in Nature
Author: Wayne Simsic. Wonder, reverence, and praise in encounter with the beauty of nature.
Ocean Psalms: Meditations, Stories, Prayers, Songs & Blessings from the Sea
Producer: Mystic Waters Media. 2008.
Praying with Francis of Assisi
Author: Joseph M. Stoutzenbarger and John D. Bohrer. Praying with Francis of Assisi is not a biography about St. Francis, but a way of praying with him. Those who use this book will learn that Francis' spirituality fits naturally into Christian tradition and reflects his great love for the Jesus of the Gospels.
Praying with Julian of Norwich
Author: Gloria Durka. "Dr. Gloria Durka gives us in one book an experience of meditation, an insight into a right and complicated social epoch, a quiet argument for women's rights, and a practical encounter with a thinker".... Dr. Anthony Padovano, Ramapo College of New Jersey.
We are God's People: Stories of Faith for the Family of God
Performance Edition. Author: Betsy Beckman, Lisa von Stamwitz and Jeanne Cotter. Through this performance piece the prophetic voice of our children has a chance to be heard by the whole family of God. In this script we find children's own stories of faith woven together with song and gesture into a celebration of lie. These heart-felt stories and vignettes reflect children's experience of God, themselves, and their world. They are children's own words of struggle with grief, illness, divorce, and violence as well as expressions of joy in new life, hope, love, and reconciliation. Children present their stories in the form of readers' theater.
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