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Nature/Natural Resources/Creation

These resources honor the grandeur of earth through the celebration of animals, forests, seas, and other mystical existences on earth

A Prayer for the Earth: The Story of Naamah, Noah’s Wife
Author: Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg, and Bethanne Anderson. Most children know the story of how Noah helped the animals of the world survive the Great Flood. Now children can hear a story, based on an ancient Jewish text, about Noah’s wife, Naamah, and how she helped keep alive all the plants on Earth.
A Sand County Almanac
Author: Leopold, Aldo. Truly a classic, this book first introduced the concept of the “land ethic” and proposed the then unusual marriage of ethics and the land. You will find here some of the modern roots of the environmental movement and a rebirth of Christian spirituality of the Earth.
All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir
Author: Staines, Bill, and Margot Zemach. The lively, contemporary folk tune “All God’s Critters …” comes to life in this visually playful book. Parents and teachers can help children to learn the song with the help of printed music in the back of the book. Then look out: everyone will want to “clap their hands, or paws, or anything they got.” A true celebration for all members of God’s choir of creation.
An Unnatural Order: Uncovering the Roots of Our Domination of Nature
Author: Mason, Jim. Mason here writes an eloquent, important plea for a total rethinking of our relationship to the animal world. He analyzes the West's "dominionist" worldview which exalts humans as overlords and owners of other life, an outlook that he believes is rooted in millennia of animal husbandry.
An Unspoken Hunger
Author: Williams, Terry Tempest. Williams’ collection of essays conveys her sense of the importance of being rooted in a “home,” in a place one knows and loves. She shares the deep conviction that our lack of intimacy with the natural world initiates, and is reflected in, our lack of intimacy with one another.
Arctic Dreams
Author: Lopez, Barry. This early work won Lopez the National Book Award and a wide audience. Readers accompany Lopez on his repeated journeys to northern Canada, where we learn about the land’s vulnerability to humankind’s whims and, more importantly, its beauty, diversity, dynamism, and strength. This book also offers fascinating insights into Arctic cultures, and stands as one of the landmarks of nature writing.
Baby Animals Just Want to Have Fun
Features five funfilled adventure tales of baby animals with live photography. Stories and Songs.
Beyond Ecophobia: Reclaiming the Heart in Nature Education
Author: Sobel, David. Beyond Ecophobia speaks to teachers, parents, and others interested in nurturing in children the ability to understand and care for nature. This expanded version of one of Orion Magazine's most popular articles includes descriptions of developmentally appropriate environmental education activities and a list of related children's books.
Author: Wilson, Edward O. Wilson, an eminent scientist, posits that our natural affinity and love for life – biophilia – is the very essence of our humanity and binds us to all living species. He demonstrates his own biophilia through his attentiveness to delicate interactions between many species and through his philosophical ponderings throughout this beautifully written book.
Caring for Creation: Toward an Ethic of Responsibility
Author: Rowthorn, Anne W. In "Caring for Creation", Rowthorn decries the state of our planet and reproaches us as Christians for our "lack of appreciation for the connectedness of all life." Nothing in God's world is secular, she asserts; everything created is holy and to be revered. Christians, says Rowthorn, have for too long failed to realize this, and have acted as if the holy and sacred are to be found only in places of worship or within cloistered walls. The Church's most urgent need in today's world, argues Rowthorn, is to embrace a theology of creation that will ignite in all Christians a fervent love and sense of responsibility for all God's creation.
Caring for God’s Creation: A Five Section Curriculum for Children with 101 Nature Activities
Author: Essenmacher, Carole and Nancy Regensburger. The authors write, “our purpose is not primarily to do environmental or science education, but rather to ground creation issues in belief in God as Creator.”
Cherishing God's Creation
The video calls us to a new lifestyle that is based on stewardship and compassion, rather than one based on mastery and exploitation.
Christianity, Wilderness and Wildlife
Author: Susan P. Bratton In this book, Susan Bratton employs powerful and vivid stories from the Holy Scriptures and from the rich history of Christian wilderness spirituality to illustrate a tradition of reverential Christian attitudes toward nature. Bratton's narration reminds readers that this tradition is alive and well, that the outdoors can provide deep religious experiences for today's Christians.
Coast Redwood - Uncut Stories
Personal stories woven with spectacular footage reveal the spirit of the old growth forests from southern Oregon to Big Sur.
Creation and the History of Science
Author: Kaiser, Christopher. Examines the relationship between the theology of creation and the history of science.
Creation in Crisis: Responding to God's Covenant
Author: Bhagat, Shantilal P. The author provides important background and discussion for a wide variety of issues, from the greenhouse effect to deforestation, water and waste, soil erosion and overpopulation, as well as the biosphere, biblical views of nature, creation and covenant, and lifestyle issues. Helpful appendixes list additional resources.
Creatures of the Sea
An informational video that describes various sea creatures.
Dakota: A Spiritual Geography
Author: Norris, Kathleen. Lover of the Dakotas, devotee of monastic Christianity, and superb writer, Norris meditatively takes her readers through the experience of her return and commitment to this place of tenacious living. Norris provides many spiritual insights along the way.
Desert Solitaire
Author: Abbey, Edward. Possibly one of the most beautiful evocations of the Southwest desert and canyon ever written. A candid and gritty classic by this great twentieth-century naturalist and defender of the land.
Dirt! The Movie
A story with heart and soil.
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