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Food & Farming

Examines food and farming issues from an ecological and/or spiritual perspective

6 Arguments for a Greener Diet
Author: Jacobson, Michael F. Examines scientific studies and reaches a conclusion that eating more plant foods and fewer fatty animal foods will add years onto your life. This diet concurrently leads to better air quality, water quality, less food poisoning, reduces global warming, and less animal suffering in the slaughterhouse as a result of eating less meat.
Animal Liberation
Author: Singer, Peter. Singer continues his "blistering indictment of so-called humane use of animals in scientific research", describes the current (and still atrocious) state of animal testing, and brings up to date the activities of the animal rights movement, nascent at the time of the first edition's release.
At the Table
Focuses on food systems and the impact of food choices
Babette’s Feast
Producer: Orion Pictures Corporation. This touching film tells the story of Babette, a talented chef who spends her days cooking in anonymity for the two elderly women she looks after. When a change of her fortune comes Babette decides to cook a feast for the simple villagers, sharing the gifts of her talent.
Beyond Organic: The Vision of Fairview Gardens
Producer: DeGraaf, John. This inspiring video tells the story of Fairview Gardens and its struggle to survive in the face of rapid suburban development. It draws a sharp contrast between community supported agriculture and conventional chemical farming.
Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge
Author: Shiva, Vandana. Shiva, an activist and scientist from India, traces the impacts of corporate agriculture on cultures, small farmers, ecosystems, and on the quality of the food we consume.
Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture, and the New American Farmer
Broken Limbs received two 2005 Northwest Emmy nominations for its exploration of these hopeful stirrings within agriculture. The movie helps viewers discover ways in which any individual can play a role not just in saving America's farmers, but in restoring hope for humanity.
Coming Home to Eat
Author: Nabhan, Gary Paul. Nabhan vows to eat locally raised food for a year and purges all packaged foods from his life. Book discusses the events of that year.
Creations Caretakers
A look at the loss of family farms in favor of larger corporate holdings dependent on chemicals, etc. It looks at both the human effect and the effect on the land.
Diet for a New America
Author: Robbins, John. One of the best introductions to the complex interrelationships between our food choices, the economy, the treatment of animals, human health, and the health of the land. Passionate, informative, and readable.
Diet for a New America and Your Health, Your Planet
Hosted by John Robbins, who discusses his theories on environmental and personal health consequences of a diet based on animal products.
Eating Mercifully
Eating Mercifully, a new short film from The Humane Society of the United States, is a 26-minute documentary that explores Christian perspectives on factory farming.
Eating Our Way to Oblivion: The Spiritual Crisis of Modern Agriculture
Modern agriculture, addicted to oil and to poisons, strips the landscape of farmers, wildlife, biotic integrity, community, moral value, and spiritual vitality; all in an unsustainable effort to feed restless urban populations. To sustain the world we must rebuild rural communities, dense with complex systems of life - human and natural - and rich with culture, ethics, and spiritual significance. Urban communities and choices play an indispensable role in this rebuilding effort.
Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
Author: Schlosser, Eric. This detailed exposé of the fast food industry in postwar America examines the ecological, social, human health, and international impacts of this terribly powerful economic force. Schlosser uses wit and wisdom to unveil the true nature of this industry.
Fidelity: Five Stories
Author: Berry, Wendell. Berry's stories trace generations of farming families deeply rooted in their land. These earthy, honest stories offer a hopeful voice of moral integrity.
Food & Faith: Justice, Joy, and Daily Bread
An Earth Ministry publication that examines food choices through the lens of faith. Includes a study guide and is ideal for individuals or groups.
Food Fight
Author: Imhoff, Dan. Food Fight is an important contribution to the discourse around the obesity epidemic. Describes the role of the food industry, and informs public health advocates looking for clearly presented research and ideas for positive change.
Food for Life: The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating
Author: Jung, L. Shannon. Food for Life draws on the authors experience as theologian, ethicist, pastor, and eater extraordinaire. He encourages us to see our humdrum habits of eating and drinking as a spiritual practice that can renew and transform us and our world.
Food Politics
Author: Nestle, Marion. Details how the food industry--through lobbying, advertising, and the co-opting of experts--influences our dietary choices to our detriment. The result is compromised health: epidemic obesity to start, and increased vulnerability to heart and lung disease, cancer, and stroke--reversible if the constantly suppressed "eat less, move more" message that most nutritionists shout could be heard.
Food, Earth, and Care of the Soul
Earth Ministry's Fall Gathering, October 19, 1996 , Food for Life Project:. "Food, Earth, and Care of the Soul". Presentations by leaders in the food & faith field.
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