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Creation Spirituality

Explores the creation of Earth as an original blessing, planetary survival and universal interdependence

And I, Francis: The Life of Francis of Assisi in Word and Image
Author: Dunlap, Lauren Glen and illus. by Kathleen Fruge-Brown. Through both paintings and words, writer Dunlop and illustrator Fruge-Brown allow Francis to "share" his own stories through his eyes and narration.
Biology: Through the Eyes of Faith
Author: Wright, Richard T. The author brings a biblical perspective to theories on origins, contrasting creationism, intelligent design, and evolution. Highlighting the unique nature of biology and its interaction with Christian thought, Wright demonstrates that Christian stewardship can be the key to a sustainable future.
Breakthrough: Meister Eckhart's Creation Spirituality in New Translation
Author: Meister Eckhart, Matthew Fox. Fox brilliantly interprets Eckhart's themes and creates a spiritual path for the nineties.
Caring for Creation
You can help protect God's creation today, A Noah's Ark for our time.
Caring for Creation: Toward an Ethic of Responsibility
Author: Rowthorn, Anne W. In "Caring for Creation", Rowthorn decries the state of our planet and reproaches us as Christians for our "lack of appreciation for the connectedness of all life." Nothing in God's world is secular, she asserts; everything created is holy and to be revered. Christians, says Rowthorn, have for too long failed to realize this, and have acted as if the holy and sacred are to be found only in places of worship or within cloistered walls. The Church's most urgent need in today's world, argues Rowthorn, is to embrace a theology of creation that will ignite in all Christians a fervent love and sense of responsibility for all God's creation.
Creation Spirituality
Dr. Alexandra Kovats speaks on Creation Spirituality.
Creation Spirituality: Liberating Gifts for the Peoples of the Earth
Author: Fox, Matthew. Passionate and provocative, Fox uncovers the ancient tradition of a creation-centered spirituality that melds Christian mysticism with the contemporary struggle for social justice, feminism, and environmentalism.
Deep Ecology and Creation-Centered Spirituality
Author: Seigfriedt, Sarajane. A 12-week discussion guide for adults. This curriculum responds to a paper, "Cosmic Evolution: Implications for Religious Education" presented by Rev. Makanah Elizabth Morriss at the 1985 Meadville-Lombard Midwinter Institute. She set some goals for Unitarian Universalists involved in religious education, which were adopted for this curriculum. This curriculum is intended for use in UU churches and fellowships, by lay-led adult groups.
Ecological Healing: A Christian Vision
Author: Nancy G. Wright and Donald Kill. This inspiring introduction to a new, ecologically-sensitive view of Christian vocation and spirituality pulls down the barriers between matter of earth and spirit. Ecological Healing provides an integral environmental ethic. It links the human need for social and economic well-being to the sustainable management of environmental resources.
Dr. Alexandra Kovats, of Seattle University, explores EcoSpirituality with prayer,music, and movement.
Food for Life: The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating
Author: Jung, L. Shannon. Food for Life draws on the authors experience as theologian, ethicist, pastor, and eater extraordinaire. He encourages us to see our humdrum habits of eating and drinking as a spiritual practice that can renew and transform us and our world.
From Creation to New Creation: Old Testament Perspectives
Author: Bernhard W. Anderson. Princeton theologian Bernhard Anderson explores the historical, mythopoeic, and theological dimensions of classic Old Restament reflections on the motif of creation. The result is an abundance of fresh insight and compelling exegesis that have implications for human life and thought today.
Hope for Creation (Blessed Earth Part 1, Sessions 1-6)
Following Jesus is good for the planet. Or should be, at least. This is the radical, yet solidly biblical premise of Blessed Earth. This two-part film series and guidebook experience is a creative and compelling call for Christians to embrace sustainable living out of love for God, neighbor, and all of creation.
Hope for Humanity (Blessed Earth Part 2, Sessions 7-12)
Following Jesus is good for the planet. Or should be, at least. This is the radical, yet solidly biblical premise of Blessed Earth. This two-part film series and guidebook experience is a creative and compelling call for Christians to embrace sustainable living out of love for God, neighbor, and all of creation.
Hymn of the Universe
Author: Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre. A paleontologist and Roman Catholic priest, Teilhard de Chardin envisioned a convergence of the divine life of Christ and the universe. Teilhard’s works help readers explore some of the roots of Creation Spirituality.
Jesus the Wisdom of God, An Ecological Theology
Author: Edwards, Denis. Discusses link between ancient Jewish Wisdom literature and the subsequent development of New Testament views of the personification of Wisdom in Jesus Christ. Discusses importance of respecting Creations' Creator by honoring the Creation, hence an Ecological Theology.
Loving Creation: Christian Spirituality, Earth-Centered and Just
Author: Kathleen Fischer How can we bring about the profound conversion of mind and heart necessary to protect and preserve our planet at this critical point in history? Loving Creation shows that only when we are touched by God will we find new ways of relating to all other species and Earth itself. Rich in tradition, this book draws from ancient and contemporary sources to fashion a holistic Christian spirituality that unites ecological concerns with social justice, personal struggles with those of the planet, theological reflection with scientific findings, and everyday grace with global outreach.
Natural Saints: How People of Faith are Working to Save God’s Earth
Natural Saints: How People of Faith are Working to Save God’s Earth shares stories and strategies of people of faith working to integrate the environment into their ministries. This book reveals how a focus on God’s earth transforms both people and congregations, creating more relevant and powerful ministries for today.
Reclaiming the Connection: A Contemporary Spirituality
Author: Kathleen Fischer. "Reclaiming the Connections" offers a vision, both clear and practical of the interconnectedness of all things. The realization that we live in such a universe will change how we work and pray, how we relate to one another and to God, to ourselves. Kathleen Fischer calls us not only to contemplation but to solicitude for the earth. In short, "Reclaiming the Connections" answers our yearning for a spirituality of interconnectedness.
Redeeming the Creation
Author: Wesley Granberg-Michaelson The key question of the June 1992 Earth Summit in Rio was "whether there is a future in which all people can be offered the hope of life and the earth can be preserved in the capacity to provide that life." In clear and readable language, this book sets out the implications of that momentous international event for the churches and the ecumenical movement... The author... [focuses] on the challenges of rethinking Christian theology of creation and relating this to the vision of a sustainable society.
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