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Christian Environmental Theology

Explores the Biblical basis and Christian theological arguments for creation care

A Place in Creation: Ecological Visions in Science, Religion, and Economics
Author: Hallman, David G. Is there hope for the future of the Earth? David Hallman answers with a resounding yes. Hallman explores exciting new concepts in the field of science, religious, and economics -- concepts that have the power to transform our understanding of our relationship to the rest of Creation. He reveals how intrinsically connected humans are to the whole ecosystem; how God wills a harmonious relationship between ourselves and the rest of Creation; and how our economy could be restructured to function in a less destructive relationship with the environment. Finally, he assesses political realities that could constrain or facilitate movement towards a more sustainable type of society.
A Sustainability Journey
by Rev. Alan Storey. A Methodist pastor in South Africa, Rev. Storey's ministry had always focused on justice issues, particularly apartheid. After a chance meeting with Earth Ministry at Holden village, Rev. Storey began to fold the environment into his understanding of justice and theology. In this video, Alan explains the framework of his faith and then shares with us his new way of reading the scriptures in light of environmental degradation.
Abundant Life: Rethinking Theology and Ecology from a Planet in Peril
Author: McFague, Sallie. McFague’s most recent offering is personal, prophetic, and will inspire readers to lead lives of action with deep theological moorings. She especially helps readers to navigate the complexities of global economics and other comprehensive concerns of our day, and emerge with resources for promoting abundant living for all creation.
Advent and Ecology: Resources for Worship, Reflection and Action
Author: Palmer, Martin and Anne Nash, Editors.
After Nature’s Revolt: Eco-Justice and Theology
Author: Dieter Hessel. A rich collection of essays that provides theological and ethical reflections helpful in confronting current ecological crises. Contributors study and respectfully interpret Christian worldviews to form a foundation for social and ecological justice. An excellent resource for reflection and discussion.
And God Saw That It Was Good
Author: Carretto, Carlo. An exploration of what it means to affirm the goodness of creation in the light of evils of history and the suffering of the innocent. In his characteristic style - at once poetic, joyful and profoundly moving - his words become a conversation between God and all of humankind.
At Home in the Cosmos
Author: Toolan, David. Retells how religion and science have shaped Western attitudes toward the environment; he gives a more sophisticated account of biblical and classical Christian theologies of nature than is usually reflected in environmentalist rhetoric.
Baptized into Wilderness: A Christian Perspective on John Muir
Author: Austin, Richard Cartwright. Austin, a Presbyterian minister and organic farmer, has a special vocation in environmental theology. This engaging portrait of America's first environmental activist uncovers spiritual roots of modern ecological consciousness.
Beauty of the Lord: Awakening the Senses
Author: Austin, Richard Cartwright. Austin, a Presbyterian minister and organic farmer, has a special vocation in environmental theology. “Written with great care and sensitivity, this series gives us the direction we need to fulfill our Christian responsibility for ‘the care of the earth’” (-Robert McAfee Brown).
Biology: Through the Eyes of Faith
Author: Wright, Richard T. The author brings a biblical perspective to theories on origins, contrasting creationism, intelligent design, and evolution. Highlighting the unique nature of biology and its interaction with Christian thought, Wright demonstrates that Christian stewardship can be the key to a sustainable future.
Breakthrough: Meister Eckhart's Creation Spirituality in New Translation
Author: Meister Eckhart, Matthew Fox. Fox brilliantly interprets Eckhart's themes and creates a spiritual path for the nineties.
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
St. Francis of Assisi seeks communion with the natural world by renouncing his family riches to seek his own destiny unencumbered by material possessions.
Caring for Creation: Toward an Ethic of Responsibility
Author: Rowthorn, Anne W. In "Caring for Creation", Rowthorn decries the state of our planet and reproaches us as Christians for our "lack of appreciation for the connectedness of all life." Nothing in God's world is secular, she asserts; everything created is holy and to be revered. Christians, says Rowthorn, have for too long failed to realize this, and have acted as if the holy and sacred are to be found only in places of worship or within cloistered walls. The Church's most urgent need in today's world, argues Rowthorn, is to embrace a theology of creation that will ignite in all Christians a fervent love and sense of responsibility for all God's creation.
Celebration of St. Francis, 1995: "An Evening of Nature, Spirituality & the Creative Voice"
The video features Betsey Beckman in an interpretive dance based on "The Creation," by James Weldon Johnson; Brenda Peterson, Northwest nature writer with a particular interest in animals and spirituality; Bill Dietrich, Seattle Times science reporter, author of The Final Forest and Northwest Passage, the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Exxon Valdez oil spill; Mara Grey & Peter Berry in a Celtic harp performance.
Celebration of St. Francis, 1996: "An Evening of Nature, Spirituality & the Creative Voice"
This video features Richard Nelson, award-winning author, naturalist, and anthropologist; Pattiann Rogers, poet and winner of a Pushcard Prize and the Hokin Prize for Poetry; Betsey Beckman, one of the finest liturgical dancers in the country; Dana Lyons, a dynamic singer, story teller and humorist.
Christianity and Ecology
Author: Breuilly, Elizabeth and Martin Palmer, editors. Christians from very diverse backgrounds -- from Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, the Benedictine and Franciscan traditions and the World Council of Churches -- have contributed their different experiences of Christianity and ecology to this book. They look at the background to the present problems of our planet, and at biblical and Christian teaching and practice, and how these have contributed to the problem or helped in the struggle to find answers. Questions for discussion and materials for worship and meditation are included.
Christianity and Ecology: Seeking the Well-Being of Earth and Humans
Author: Hessel, Dieter T., and Rosemary Radford Ruether (eds). This valuable compendium of over twenty-five papers, presented at an historic Harvard conference on Christianity and ecology, represents a broad range of current Christian scholarship on ecological crises. The papers cover ethics, theology, sustainable development, and spirituality. The book is an excellent introduction with an extensive bibliography and index.
Creation Spirituality: Liberating Gifts for the Peoples of the Earth
Author: Fox, Matthew. Passionate and provocative, Fox uncovers the ancient tradition of a creation-centered spirituality that melds Christian mysticism with the contemporary struggle for social justice, feminism, and environmentalism.
Discovering Celtic Christianity
This video features Carla Berkedal: "Celtic Christian Spirituality and Worship: Its Usefulness for Our Time"; Elizabeth Davis: "Celtic Christianity: Overview of Historical Roots"; Tom Cashman: "Celtic Christian Values: How These Address Care for the Earth, and the Modern Church"; Wendy Walsh, "Modern Celtic Mysticism and Environmental Activism"
Earth Revealing, Earth Healing: Ecology and Christian Theology
Editor: Denis Edwards. In Earth Revealing-Earth Healing, the authors attempt to make clear the way in which Christian theology opens out into a theology of Earth revealing and challenges us towards a practice of Earth healing. Earth Revealing-Earth Healing offers a rethinking of theology as a significant part of the rethinking that the human community must do in its stance toward creation. Aware that some theological attitudes have contributed to exploitative attitudes and to disregard for the good of the planet, the contributors are also convinced that the biblical and theological tradition has resources that can be retrieved and developed as an ecological theology. Such a theology can contribute to the healing of our planet.

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