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Creation Care Sunday - Plymouth UCC

Plymouth UCC in Seattle, WA, dedicated an entire morning of worship and study to creation care. Come and relive the experience through this visual tour.

On April 21, 2002 Plymouth Congregational Church in Seattle focused their entire morning worship and study time on Creation Care.  They started with a songfest, offered educational workshops, prepared members to participate in the service, celebrated with a "Rock Cantata on the Biblical Creation Story", and ended with a plant exchange.  Many of the mornings activities are captured in the pictures that follow.

1 Plymouth Dancers

Prior to the service Plymouth members practiced interpretative dance
expressing how we move through God's creation.

Plym2 children drawing

Some of the children and youth spent their workshop time expressing
themselves through drawing elements of the Creation story.  Their work was viewed by congregational members at the end of the morning.

Plym3 workshop

Educational workshops, like this one lead by Kathy Fletcher of People for Puget Sound, covered a variety of creation related topics.  Among the workshop topics were the crisis in Puget Sound's marine live, food and farming, composting, Snake River salmon, simpler living, and Earth Prayer writing.

Plym4 drumming

West African drumming was to be an element of the service and that meant some new skills needed to be developed quickly. 

Plym5 choir practice

Meanwhile, the choir practiced the "Rock Cantata on the Biblical Creation Story" that would be a central part of the worship service.

Plym6 dancers

When the service started the dancers used their bodies to respond to word and music and express their relationships with God and with each other.

Plym7 kids choir

A children's choir, with some "big kid" assistance added to the festive celebration as did an alter hanging created in one of the multi-generational workshops held earlier that morning.

Plym8 presentation

A multi-generational theme was continued with creation-focused readings

Plym9 choir

Now in their formal attire, the choir performed the creation story cantata.

Plym10 Banners

And banners depicting the six days of creation were brought
to the front of the sanctuary.

Plym11 Tony preaching

The worship service was completed with a creation focused sermon
by the Rev. Tony Robinson.

Plym12 drawings on display
Following the service Plymouth members moved to the social hall where they saw the pictures created by the kids and youth during the workshop time.


Plym13 plant exchange

The "Great Green Give Away," a plant exchange among church members was the final event of this amazing morning.

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