Religious communities are taking on climate change

More and more faith leaders and religious communities are raising their voices on the moral imperative of caring for our common home. In New Mexico, Rev. Jim Therrien is working with Interfaith Power and Light to advocate for creation care in his community. Read on to learn more about Rev. Therrien’s efforts, and about other Christian groups’ responses to climate change. 

“Religious communities are taking on climate change”

Churches that have long played a role in social justice are stepping up.

By: Sarah Tory

High Country News

September 18, 2017

Before Pastor Jim Therrien, 49, moved to New Mexico, he rarely thought about environmental issues. Back in Kansas, where he was born and raised, the grass outside his home was always green, and though the state had an active oil industry, companies fenced off well sites properly and promptly cleaned up spills. But then he and his family saw the impacts of energy development on the Southwestern landscape and their new church community. Therrien began to think about the connection between the local environment and the broader issue of climate change. (continued…)

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