Pro Bono ENERGY STAR Verification!

Is your house of worship sustainable but not certified by the EPA? Here’s a great resource to have your efforts verified for FREE by a licensed architect, removing the barrier to becoming an ENERGY STAR building. Being ENERGY STAR certified shows that your building uses 35% less energy and emits 35% less carbon pollution than typical buildings. Make your congregation a recognized environmental leader before the November 16th deadline!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is partnering with The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Public Architecture’s 1+ Program to launch a new service, matching ENERGY STAR eligible houses of worship with architects willing to verify applications on a cost-free, “pro bono” basis. In return, licensed architects will receive up to 8 continuing education credits for their verification services. 

St. Andrew's Solar Panels

Photo Credit: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, an Earth Ministry Greening Congregation

On Public Architecture’s 1+ website, houses of worship will be able to list their project(s) and request pro bono services. Licensed architects will be able to search the directory and respond to requests for pro bono services.

If you’re new to the ENERGY STAR program for congregations and want to learn more, here is the general program website. To learn more about this verification opportunity, click here or contact Colleen Quinn.

Earth Ministry is happy to spread the word about this amazing resource to our member churches. Blessings to you this fall!