Money & Faith: The Search for Enough

moneyfaith“Show me your checkbook and I will tell you what you believe” goes an anonymous quote. Indeed, our relationship with and use of money reveals a great deal about our values. Money, poverty, and wealth gained more of Jesus’ attention than most any other subject, yet we rarely talk about the stuff. Money can both set us free and enslave us. Money can become a particularly insidious evil, or it can serve as a very useful tool in the world.

In this timely collection, Michael Schut prompts us to explore our relationship with money, along with Henri Nouwen, Walter Brueggemann, Bill McKibben, Lynne Twist, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and many others. Money and Faith encourages you to listen to your own story as you consider issues of happiness and trust, investments and retirement, equity and ecology, and scarcity and abundance. A diversity of voices and a community-building study guide make this an ideal resource for both individuals and groups.

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