Health, Environmental, Faith, and Community Groups Tackle Nonstick PFAS Chemicals

HB 2658 EM and TFF

Earth Ministry Program & Outreach Director Jessica Zimmerle (L) and Outreach Coordinator Leda Zakarison (R) along with staff from Toxic-Free Future meet with Rep. Joan McBride (second from L), the prime sponsor of the Healthy Food Packaging Act, HB 2658.

As part of the Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition and the Environmental Priorities Coalition, Earth Ministry fully supports the passage of the Healthy Food Packaging Act. We believe that we have a moral obligation to protect our bodies, our food, and our environment from harmful chemicals. This bill does that by phasing out PFAS, a class of nonstick chemicals, in food packaging. Read on to learn more from our partners at Toxic Free Future.





“Health, Environmental, Faith, and Community Groups Tackle Nonstick PFAS Chemicals”

By: Toxic Free Future staff
January 15, 2018

United behind the belief that cancer-causing nonstick “PFAS” chemicals do not belong in our food, our bodies, or the environment, over 30 leading health, environmental, community, and faith organizations have come together in the 2018 legislative session to urge passage of the Healthy Food Packaging Act (HB 2658/SB 6396).

Contamination from PFAS chemicals affects many people and areas in Washington state – from drinking water to our bodies to Puget Sound – and it’s why so many diverse organizations are concerned. The use of nonstick chemicals in food packaging alone can contaminate food and the environment.

Getting these extremely persistent and harmful chemicals out of food packaging in favor of safer alternatives should be a no-brainer. We need actions that put our state on a path to phasing out the worst sources of these virtually indestructible chemicals and the Healthy Food Packaging Act is great place to start. (Continued…)

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