Green Building and Grounds

Green Building and Remodeling

magnoliauccBuilding and remodeling projects usually bring with them both challenges and opportunities.  The challenges are often related to finances and design issues.  Among the exciting opportunities, these projects can help members to demonstrate their commitment to care for God’s creation: through their choice of sites for new projects, building contractors, construction materials, and design features, and through recycling and proper disposal of used materials.

Simple Things You Can Do

  • Reduce energy use with ENERGY STAR qualified products
  • Change your light bulbs to compact fluorescent
  • Invest in low-e window panes to reduce heat loss
  • Use low or no VOC paint
  • Choose renewable or recycled construction materials

Landscaping and Grounds Care

Concern for God’s broader creation is perhaps most readily visible (especially to people passing by) in the care devoted to landscaping and yard maintenance.  The space outside of your home can be a sanctuary where God’s life-giving presence may be experienced by all.

groundsSimple Things You Can Do

  • Create permeable driveways that allow rainwater to seep into the ground rather run off over an impervious surface
  • Grow vegetables, either in a garden space or in pots
  • Eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers that harm water, air, and wildlife
  • Plant native trees and plants that conserve water, require less maintenance, and provide creature-friendly alternatives to lawns
  • Create “backyard wildlife habitats”

Further Resources

Caring for All Creation: In the Home

Eco-Friendly Property Upgrades There are so many different ways to keep the cost of your home to a minimum. With new energy efficient appliances, easy upgrades, and personal choices, homeowners can get the most out of their home without increasing energy costs. Ecologically responsible practices can also increase the longevity of a property and help preserve the surrounding environment. The following resources provide detailed information to help you make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Northwest EcoBuilding Guild “The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild is an association of builders, designers, homeowners, tradespeople, manufacturers, suppliers and others interested in ecologically sustainable building.”

EPA: Green Parking Lot Resource Guide A resource from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The goal of this resource guide is to present the fundamental planning and design concepts of a green parking lot and connect readers to existing resources on the environmental benefits and cost effectiveness of green parking approaches. This document is expected to be particularly useful for local government officials involved in planning and development activities, as well as construction industry professionals (developers, project managers, facility managers and other decision makers) interested in green parking lot technologies.