Fall 2014 Earth Letter

Cover of Fall 2014 Earth LetterThose of us of European descent carry an uncomfortable history as oppressors of indigenous people are the world. Faced with our past and present wrongs, we are tempted to disengage, embarrassed and unsure how to move forward. 

But as Kevin O’Brien writes in Listening to the Voice of God in all God’s People, our theology insists we listen to the voices of the oppressed. Our faith calls us back into right relationship with all of our brothers and sisters – a call as important now as it was in Jesus’ day.

Articles include:

  • In Defense of a Sacred Region by Jessie Dye
  • Listening to the Voice of God in all God’s People by Kevin O’Brien
  • Stommish: Unity, spirituality, and a run against fossil fuels by Jessica Zimmerle
  • Quinoa: To buy or not to buy…is this the right question? By Tanya Kerssen reprinted with permission from Common Dreams
  • Solar Warriors vs. the Black Snake of Tar Sands by Winona LaDuke
  • Member Profile – St. Leo Catholic Church, Tacoma WA

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