Totem Pole Journey


Saturday, October 14, Individual prayer and blessing of the Totem Pole at 1pm Ceremony 2-4pm

University Congregational United Church of Christ 4515 16th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105

Earth Ministry is honored to be supporting another Totem Pole Journey led by the Lummi Nation.

The final destination of this year’s journey is the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh where the Lummi Nation’s victory against coal export will be shared with 200,000 visitors. You’re invited to the ceremony in Seattle where the Totem Pole will be blessed by tribal elders, community leaders, and you!

Totem poles are one of the oldest forms of North American storytelling and this journey will share the inspiring tale of Lummi’s ultimate success in the Northwest. At the heart of this story is the importance of grassroots, cross-cultural, and community-based collaboration to protect the spirit of the place we call home. 

The Lummi ask for protection of sacred sites, honoring of their treaty rights, and upholding the strong bond between people of faith, environmental communities, and Native nations. Our work is not yet done, yet there are great reasons for hope, prayer, and celebration.

Please join Earth Ministry and our partners to honor our shared commitment to stand behind Tribal communities in protection of our shared home.