Taming  Bigfoot Kickoff Event


Sunday, January 21, 2-4 pm

Seattle Unity Church, 200 8th Avenue North, Seattle 98109

This strange but interesting challenge is billed as “A Friendly Competition to Reduce your Carbon Footprint in Seattle.”

The purpose is to engage the community and accelerate Seattle’s progress toward reducing greenhouse gas  (GHG) emissions. The goal is to assemble 20 teams, each with a diverse cross section of the population. These teams will first assess their combined carbon footprint, then compete against the other teams to achieve the greatest reductions. Find out more on the Taming Bigfoot website, and feel free to get in touch with Deejah Sherman-Peterson for more details. Applications must be received before January 21, which is the date for the kickoff event. This is a project of One Sustainable Planet, a climate group made up of ordinary people who are ready to start creating a sustainable future together, today. Find and like us on Facebook.