Taming Bigfoot contest coming to Seattle


Contest runs February – April, 2018, Registration open through December 31st

Taming Bigfoot is a friendly, community-based contest wherein teams compete to see who can lower their carbon footprint the most over a 2-month period (with an initial month to set a baseline).

Designed by retired climate scientist Bob Bindschadler to educate and engage the public about climate change issues, the contest ran in the Port Townsend area last year, with great success.  We encourage congregations to attend Dr. Bindschadler’s talk on Nov. 29th (see Events), and to participate in the contest as a way to personally engage with climate change mitigation. Contact Keith Ervin keithervin@msn.com or Elizabeth Burton elburton@uw.edu for more information or to get a speaker for a brief presentation to your board or congregation; or see tamingbigfootseattle.org