Longview Shoreline Permit Hearing & Power Past Coal Party


12:00 pm rally, 1:00 pm hearing, 5-7 pm dinner party

Cowlitz County Conference Center, 1900 7th Ave SW, Longview, WA 98632

The coal terminal proposed for Longview, WA, is still only mostly dead. Join us to speak out against this proposal – and celebrate our hard work maintain the Thin Green Line after the hearing.

There was a time when it felt like Oregon and Washington were flooded with dirty coal export proposals. Just a few years ago, six coal export terminals totaling nearly 150 million tons of coal were threatening to turn our region into a dirty coal chute to Asia. Today, every single project has been defeated.

However, the proposal in Longview is only mostly dead. Despite the Washington Department of Ecology’s decision denying a key permit, Millennium insists on moving forward with local land use permits from Cowlitz County, as well as a related permit from Ecology. We won’t stop fighting until Millennium officially throws in the towel — but we can celebrate a bit while we’re at it.

Join Earth Ministry staff and members to once again raise up the faith values of stewardship, safety, and justice that have driven our participation in this important campaign over the past 7 years.

After the hearing we will share joyous fellowship at a much-deserved community celebration. Your advocacy on behalf of clean air, water, and safe communities led to the denial of the mandatory water permit. This is a huge roadblock (or shall we say railblock) for Millennium’s plan to dump dirty coal in Longview and thereby expose communities/ecosystems across the region to coal dust and spills. Your hard work deserves to be celebrated!

If you can’t make it to Longview you can still speak out to add another nail to the coal export coffin. Submit a written comment online here by Oct 31.

We can’t wait to advocate and then celebrate with you on November 2! If you plan to attend please email jessica@earthministry.org so we can connect with you there.