Coal Export DEIS Hearing – Longview


Tuesday, May 24, 1:00 – 9:00pm

Cowlitz Expo Center – 1900 7th Ave, Longview, WA 98632

You, people of faith and spiritual communities all across the Northwest, are pros at attending hearings to stand up for a clean and safe future for all of God’s creation. It’s time once again to mark your calendars and bring out your red clothes to join Earth Ministry and the Power Past Coal coalition at public hearings for the proposed coal export terminal in Longview, WA.

Coal’s future is bleak – Millennium backer Arch Coal filed for bankruptcy in January and their dreams of mining in Montana’s Otter Creek are over. But Big Coal still wants to use the Columbia River as a dirty coal chute to Asia as their last hope to prop up an unhealthy industry.

Fortunately, the movement to stop dirty coal from polluting our towns and rivers is bigger and stronger than ever – and the moral voice of the faith community is a critical piece of this success. Now is our time to shine, and lock out dirty coal once and for all.

Longview Coal Export DEIS Hearing
Tuesday, May 24, 1:00-9:00pm, rally at 4:00pm
Cowlitz Expo Center
1900 7th Ave, Longview, WA 98632
Remember to WEAR RED!

Even if you are not able to attend the hearings, your input is still vital so be sure to sign Earth Ministry’s letter. We will take a visual display of all the comments we collect from Earth Ministry supporters to use in our testimony at the hearing and want to include you! If you do plan to go to the hearing, please email so we can look for you there.

Additional hearings are happening in Spokane on May 26 and Pasco on June 2. Stay tuned for workshops on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement in your community plus transportation information for the public hearings.