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Earth Ministry/WAIPL's nationally acclaimed journal, Earth Letter, highlights environmental spirituality, theology, and action while reflecting on the religious call to care for creation. Earth Letter has published works by, among others, Wendell Berry, Pattiann Rogers, Terry Tempest Williams, Bill Moyers, Barry Lopez, Bill McKibben, and Rosemary Radford Ruether.

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Spring 2017 Earth Letter

Spring 2017 EL cover Small

These are trying times. In recent months, uncertainty has weighed heavy in our hearts. Climate progress and our public lands are under attack, and there is real fear that many of our environmental and social justice gains of the last decade will be lost. We are standing...Read More »

Winter 2016-2017 Earth Letter

Earth Letter Winter 2016-2017 cover

This is a troubling time for God’s creation and our human community, and so we devote this issue of Earth Letter to helping you find meaning during this holiday season and beyond. At a time when we know we must stand up to fight for creation, peace, and human dignity,...Read More »

Fall 2016 Earth Letter

Fall 2016 Earth Letter cover

Responding to the call for religious communities to lead on climate justice, this issue of Earth Letter articulates an equitable path forward. When you hear that God’s creation is threatened by climate change, the image invoked needs to go beyond melting ice caps or suffering polar bears. The real...Read More »

Spring 2016 Earth Letter

Spring 2016 Earth Letter Cover

In this issue of Earth Letter, we celebrate the interfaith nature of Earth Day. Rev. Meighan Pritchard’s cover story introduces us to how different world religions embody the “Green Rule,” which instructs us to live in right relation with creation. In addition, two insightful articles provide Jewish...Read More »

Winter 2015-2016 Earth Letter

Winter EL cover

How do we as people of faith find hope in the face of despair? How do we acknowledge the brokenness of God’s creation yet continue to work for its protection? And how do we continue to fight for environmental justice when we are weary and the road...Read More »

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