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As people of faith, it is our responsibility to care for the least of these: the poor, the young, and the medically vulnerable. These are the people who are most threatened by toxic chemicals in our homes. Unfortunately, our homes today are filled with untested and unregulated toxic chemicals. At a national level, the out-of-date 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act does little to protect us. Of the over 84,000 chemicals are used in the products we buy, only 200 have been required to undergo basic health and safety testing before going to market, and only 5 have ever been restricted under the act. Earth Ministry works with Safer States, a network of diverse environmental health coalitions and organizations in states around the country working for new state and national chemical policies that will keep our communities and environment healthy and help us build a cleaner, greener economy.

toxicbabyEarth Ministry is a leader on the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act, a bill currently in the Washington State Senate and House of Representatives. This bill phases out the use of toxic flame retardants in kids’ products when there are safer alternatives available. The faith community is joining with the Washington Toxics Coalition, healthcare workers, firefighters, and many others to support this important legislation. Working together, we can protect our children's health from dangerous flame retardants and help put businesses on the path to using chemicals that won't harm our health, the environment, or their bottom line. Click here to learn about our current work on the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act. 

News and Events

New State Report Recommends Banning Toxic Flame Retardants

The Washington Toxics Coalition explains how the Department of Ecology cites health concerns and availability of safer alternatives in a new report on flame retardants – further proof that these toxic chemicals don’t belong in our homes!  January 29, 2015 Washington Toxics Coalition  (Seattle, WA) A…
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Furniture firms shun flame retardants but some toxic couches still for sale

Great news to anyone who likes to sit on a cushion: retailers are making the wise choice to eliminate toxic flame retardants in home furniture. In the meantime, read on to learn how labels identify which products are safe for your home.  January 23, 2015 The Chicago…
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Gov. Inslee Issues Draft Fish Consumption Rule on First Day of Session

Governor Inslee kicked off the Legislative Session with a step towards improved water quality: a fish consumption rule. This rule precedes and complements the Toxic Reduction Act that he is expected to introduce. Randi Abrams-Caras, one of Earth Ministry’s partners at the Washington State Toxics Coalition, discusses the bill and…
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Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families: Advocating for Strong National Toxics Legislation

Earth Ministry/WAIPL has a long history of standing up for the health of children and families. One way we do this is by working to pass strong legislation to regulate toxic chemicals at the state and national levels. Two bills are currently in play in…
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Information on the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act

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