valentinelitdrop editEarth Ministry prepares people of faith to be effective advocates for the environment. We lead advocacy days in the state capitol and train members to make their voices heard at public hearings, in meetings with elected officials, and through the media. Earth Ministry provides numerous opportunities in the state legislature and Congress for our members to put their faith into action on issues such as climate change, toxics and children’s health, coal export, and public lands, among many others.


Earth Ministry staff discusses the importance of faithful advocacy with Bishop Greg Rickel of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia and the Faith Action Network.



Power Past Coal

coaltrainCoal companies, seeing little future growth domestically, have a new plan: strip-mine coal in Montana and Wyoming, transport it on long coal trains and massive cargo ships through Washington and Oregon, and sell it to Asia.

Toxic-Free Kids
and Families

girl couchWe can protect our children’s health from dangerous flame retardants and help put businesses on the path to using chemicals that won’t harm our health, the environment, or their bottom line.

Public Lands

publandsPeople of faith have a moral obligation to protect public lands so that all God’s children – both human and non-human – can share in the bounty that flows from them. We are called to speak out for justice while caring for the common good.