A Final NO to Oil in Grays Harbor

We’ve beaten 2 of the 3 oil proposals that were originally slated to be built on unstable ground in populated areas of Grays Harbor. Now it’s time for the City of Hoquiam, the final decision maker, to make the right decision and deny the shoreline permits for the last standing crude oil shipping terminal. 

Heron in Grays Harbor

Photo Credit: Mickey JT

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Westway Expansion Project clearly found that impacts to tribal treaty rights, access to fishing, and the risk of a devastating derailment or marine oil spill cannot be mitigated. The values that ground us as people of faith call us to speak up against such an irresponsible project. 

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Mayor Dickhoff and Administrator Shay,

My faith compels me to request that you deny the shoreline permit for the Westway Expansion Project. This proposal is not good stewardship of our communities, land, water, and climate. We know we can do better, both for Hoquiam and for everyone along the rail lines.

Photo Credit: Sam Beebe

Photo Credit: Sam Beebe

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for this project is alarming. It finds significant environmental and public health impacts that cannot be mitigated, including harm to tribal resources, increased risk of a spill, fire, or explosion, and insufficient emergency response services. These risks directly clash with religious values across faith traditions that call us to protect our communities, respect Native rights, and steward the Earth’s resources.

There is simply too much risk and too little reward from these proposals: Hoquiam would take on the burden and oil companies would reap the profits, providing few local jobs while the community becomes a throughway for oil going elsewhere.

Please do not gamble with what makes Grays Harbor so special. A single oil spill could devastate the maritime economy, productive fisheries, tribal waters and land, and spectacular coastal ecosystems.

I support protection of Grays Harbor and its people, and urge you to use the analysis and findings in the Final Environmental Impact Statement to reject these oil shipping terminals. Thank you for your leadership in building a cleaner, safer future for us all.